After School Registration for New Baton Students


Girls in grades 1 through 5 are invited to join an after school class meeting one day per week! Class meets immediately after school in your school’s gym throughout the school year.

Students will have fun in a structured and positive atmosphere while learning:

♦  baton twirling fundamentals  ♦  marching techniques  ♦  cheerleading chants & jumps    basic dance steps AND poms

Skills are cultivated through choreographed routines set to age-appropriate music. This class encourages team building and students will increase ambidexterity, flexibility, strength and confidence.

Class Supplies

All students need a baton and poms for class. New batons are prepaid with registration. Poms are purchased in November ($25).

Lyndsay’s ACT presents an OPTIONAL recital in the spring. Participating students should expect extra cost of $40 to cover performance uniform, trophy and other awards.

How to Measure for Correct Baton Length:

Student should stand erect and extend one arm straight out, parallel with floor. Use a tape measure or yard stick to measure (inches) from armpit to tip of the middle finger.

Cost Information

Year 1 Registration: $60
◊ One Time Registration fee: $10
◊ New Baton : $30
◊ September* Tuition: $20

Monthly tuition: $40

*For first year students, September classes meet for a half-month; therefore, tuition cost is only $20.

Payment Options

Credit Cards accepted:
Mail Payments* To:
Lyndsay’s ACT
P.O. Box 8856
Fort Wayne, IN 46898
 *Pay by check or money order (do not send cash)

How To Register

  • Please find your school name and note the associated Promo Code.
  • Only one student may be registered at a time.
    • If registering online for more than one student, a different email address is required for each student.
    • If you do not have more than one (or any) email: please contact Miss Lyndsay at 260.492.1737 and she’ll sign you up; or, download your school’s form and mail in with a check.

Click the button below to begin registration:

1st Class: Thursday, September 21
1st Class: Wednesday, September 20
1st Class: Monday, September 18
1st Class: Monday, September 18
1st class: Wednesday September 20
1st Class: Tuesday, September 19